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Looking And Feeling Good In Spite Of Lupus  
by Irene Lim, President, Lupus Association (Singapore) HGM 2013 / 21st ICG
Year 2000 was a watershed year for me.  I was diagnosed with SLE that year. Ironically, I started the year resolving to work harder and to earn more money.  Unfortunately, increased workload translated into increased stress.  I began to suffer severe migraines almost daily

Monthly Numerology Birthday Forecast - December

Monthly Numerology Birthday Forecast

by Ms Gracy Yap, Intuitive Master Number Therapist and
Author of "Secrets of Golden Numbers" & "Finding & Keeping Your Crush!"

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, and personal wellness? Read about it here!

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Discover what your birthday month holds for you this December!

The themes of romance and celebration continue as December usher s in the Universal Month vibration of 3. The Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21) is that lucky Zodiac Sign whose birthday falls smack within the holiday season month close to Christmas every year. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, rules your Sign which explains your optimistic nature.   Jupiter exited your Sign in September, and Saturn the taskmaster planet re-enters, placing limitations and demanding hard work from you.  Fortunately December allows you a respite from the hard work, allowing you a legit reason to party, socialize and network. 3 signify cheer and social popularity, so you may have received your fair share of invitations to social events this month. I have.

Your mind is not on work as the Universal Month 3 brings many distractions that could keep you away from the task at hand. You have seen the completion of a project at last month’s full moon. This has brought you immense satisfaction and some rewards. Universal Month 3 bring themes of cheer, celebration, friends, social activities, travel, creativity and romance. The vibration of 3 opens the window for a new job, a new business venture, a promotion, a birth in the family, love and marriage. Creativity also peaks during this period. You are already thinking about your next creative project or book.

The new moon on November 29 promises new beginnings and impact those born around that phase, pushing them in a whole new direction and opening new doors of opportunity. Your birthday month is usually the perfect timing to plan your life on a canvas with bold strokes for a brand new year, especially for this centaur Sign.

2016 a Universal Year 9 means ‘completion’ or the ‘end of a cycle’. It forced you to examine things you should dissolve in your life permanently if you were at the crossroads.  Karmic events have been brought forth and some people and relationships will leave you this year if not part of the Divine plan. There is sadness in letting go but know that it is for the highest good. You are a free spirit and independent with restless feet, so Saturn in your chart sets limitations and brings obstacles, and this can be frustrating. Saturn will stay in Sagittarius until December 2017. Saturn will also bring longevity to your plans, and whip you not to get distracted from your goals. Now you can get more serious about building a life of stability and greater security. Set in motion the things that matter to you in the couple of weeks following the new moon, for taking action can reap important rewards one year from now. These are important goals for you that can make you an authority in your niche or proud accomplishments, so do not procrastinate and start making long-term plans.  Saturn is neutral and friendly to Jupiter, so you should do well in your earned income sector. Wherever you are on your journey and your personal luck cycles, something better is appearing on the horizon. The last month of the year is also a good time for taking stock and reviewing your life this past year, what goals you’ve achieved and what’s truly important to you.  You have been exhausted so take good care of yourself and regular breaks and meals. Tie up the loose ends and prepare to end 2016 on a positive note.

This is a good month for love and marriage. Singles can find love and there is a strong possibility that partners can take the relationship to the next level or bond in marriage. If you have found your true love, December 2016 or March 2017 are suitable months to tie the knot. Business wise, financial acumen is low so avoid spending on borrowed money. Be prudent and practical. If you have been meaning to buy a new property or make home improvements, wait until end February 2017 when a new moon appears. Mercury which rules communications goes retrograde from December 19 2016 to January 8 2017. Pay special attention to your schedules, appointments and clear communication. Computers can get wonky so be sure to back up your files on Cloud prior and never to make purchases of IT equipment or any tech appliances. Do not sign any contracts or lease or you may find yourself re-negotiating the terms again. It is a good period to go on vacation and if you have made travel bookings, be sure to check again that your hotel is booked! Delays and a breakdown in communication can be expected during a Mercury Retrograde. If chasing for payment, make sure it is before Mercury retrogrades.

Sagittarius, the Sign of the Archer, is into truth, fairness and equality. You need to learn how to be fair to yourself and take a more self-centered approach to things, doing what supports you physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually.

Sagittarius will thrive in any job or profession that is not repetitive, and gives them the opportunity to travel and explore as they love their independence.  They will excel in publishing, teaching, negotiations, sales, travel and import/export, animal communication, therapy work, spiritual work, philosophy, Human Resource, writing and motivational speaking.

The Tarot card associated with the Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius is Temperance. The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck shows a winged angel with one foot in water, and the other on earth, pouring a liquid from one chalice to another. All four elements (fire, earth, air and water) are disparate yet harmoniously blended to achieve a balanced whole. The Greek word for temperance is sophrosune, which means moderation and self-control, but with the added sense of harmonia (well-balanced integration) of the soul. Balance and harmony are important to the Sagittarius.

Health-wise, Sagi women suffer from chronic aches in the hips and thighs. They may be vulnerable to gout and liver-related ailment related to too much alcohol intake. They are also susceptible to hepatitis.

Auspicious gems/birth stones for December: Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon, Yellow Sapphire.

Auspicious colors for December: Red, gold, lilac, purple, violet, indigo, midnight blue.

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 About Ms Gracy Yap

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