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Looking And Feeling Good In Spite Of Lupus  
by Irene Lim, President, Lupus Association (Singapore) HGM 2013 / 21st ICG
Year 2000 was a watershed year for me.  I was diagnosed with SLE that year. Ironically, I started the year resolving to work harder and to earn more money.  Unfortunately, increased workload translated into increased stress.  I began to suffer severe migraines almost daily


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Radiation Toxicity (Part 2)
by Dr Sundardas D.A

In 1979, four out of seven pregnant VDU operates who had worked on the classified advertising department of the Toronto Star gave birth... read more

The Power of Verbs
by Ms Shirley Taylor

If you don’t already know about the power of verbs, it’s good that you’re reading this – because verbs are very powerful.... read more

Breathe Your Stress Away
by Mr Vinz Low

Stress is critical for our daily routine and help to strive towards our goals. However, when we are overwhelmed by stress... read more

The Dream Team
by Merry Riana

I started my entrepreneurship journey with a dream to be successful while I’m still young so that I can share my successes with my parents.... read more

Radiation Toxicity (Part 1)
by Dr Sundardas D.A

As the computer visual display (VDU) unit became more common in the workplace, the issue of radiation hazards associated with the prolonged use... read more

Ten Easy Ways to Become a Great Networker
by Ms Shirley Taylor

When was the last time you were at a networking event? How many people did you approach? How many contacts did you make?... read more

How to burn off a burger in a 20mins workout
by Mr VInz Low

First of all, I am not encouraging you to eat that burger at every sight!... read more

Your Personal Mentor
by Merry Riana

From all the strategies that I have shared with you, this strategy of finding and learning from your personal mentor may be the most important one. So, pay more attention to this one.... read more

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